Thinking Like a Fish

I am not a professional but it is my personal opinion that everyone would benefit from devoting time to their mental health. Be it talk therapy, writing in a journal, exercising, or meditation, everyone needs the time to focus on themselves. I once described why I love fly fishing to a psychiatrist, explaining my time on the river as engaged yet calm, physically active but internally at peace- relaxed and focused. My exact words still echo in my mind, "You get to think like a fish, it's the most relaxing thing in the world." Catching the fish was fun too, but the time to just be and exist as a creature on the river was my favorite part.

When I think like a fish I am more aware of the things around me - the weather, the bugs, the depth and flow of the river, the trees or fauna near the water. Even if I am fishing with other people, when I am on the river I can be quiet, calm, my base self. Sometimes, I can even envision where on the river would make a good fishy hangout - not too much current, not too shallow, some protective limbs are a bonus (threats come from above!). I’m not always right (and when I am, I don’t always land the fish), but every trip to the river teaches me something and I’m getting better at thinking like a fish all the time. My time at the river is my sanctuary, my escape, the place I nourish my soul and recharge my emotional battery.

Just remember to look up every once in and check for bears. They like to fish too.

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