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Sagi means “heron” in Japanese. This long, lean bird is a stealthy hunter and so is the Sagi Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod. Made from the highest IM carbon-fiber, it’s flex and strength are unmatched for the mere 3.5oz it weights. At 13.6’ the Sagi Tenkara Fly Rod is designed to fly fish bigger bodies of water. This incredible fly rod can cast a wide range of fly lines from ultra-light tenkara lines to regular PVC fly lines as long as 40′ ranging from a 3wt-7wt, plus leader. The Sagi can cast delicate dry flies to 12″ brook trout and also big streamers to hefty fish like monster brown trout in Patagonia, bonefish in Mexico and powerful char in Alaska. This lightweight, high modular, highly versitile tenkara fly fishing rod will amaze you.! The Sagi Fly Rod is similar to a regular 7wt fly fishing rod. Includes spare tip, rod sock and carbon fiber travel case. Pair with the Performance Tip for a faster action (sold separately). Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE): 7wt.

Sagi Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod with Rod Sock and Carbon Fiber Travel Case

    • Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE): 7wt
    • Casts both tenkara lines and PVC Fly lines
    • Well balanced and created beautiful loops
    • Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 22.75”
    • ​Rod Length Extended: 13’.6”
    • Handle Length: 13″
    • Case Length: 25.25”
    • Rod Weight w/o Cap: 3.5oz
    • Rod Weight w Cap: 3.7oz
    • Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 9.6oz
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