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Dylan Demery


Dylan started fishing in 2010 shortly after losing her husband and first love, Tony. He often fished on the way home from work and always walked in the door with a smile on his face. She decided to carry on his legacy by hitting the water using his gear. Dylan fell in love with everything about this sport - hanging out where the fish live, finding catharsis in each cast, meditating within nature, healing her heart through action… She never looked back.


Eventually she needed to upgrade her equipment and was shocked at the lack of women's fly fishing gear in local stores or online. She didn't know where to find what she needed to do what she loved. That's when "She's Fly" was born. Dylan shared the idea with Emily and Jaclyn and they enthusiastically began to build upon it, sharing their experiences, brainstorming how this thing could work… and these three women decided to take the journey together.


While Dylan would love to spend all her days on the water, she lives in reality and also works as a corporate coach and facilitator. When she’s not fishing or working, you'll find her globetrotting, romping in the mountains, dancing, seeing live music, soaking in some hot springs, or relaxing in the sun. She works to play and fully enjoys spending time with family and friends. She lives in Fort Collins, CO with her adorable puppy beast – a tri-color border collie named Lucca.


Emily Anderson


Emily grew up wandering the trails of Rocky Mountain National Park on horseback. The spirit of the Colorado mountains burrowed itself into her heart. She has since grown into a fierce defender of National Parks & Public Lands with her understanding of the priceless value those natural spaces provide... These cherished spots that have left permanent marks of inspiration on the hearts and souls of countless artists, poets, dreamers, leaders & kindred spirits from all walks of life.

While growing up in Estes Park, CO, conforming to societal expectations was never a priority for Emily. Marching to the beat of her own drum, she gravitated towards activities that most girls her age were not seeking. Drag racing, 4x4 adventures in her Jeep Wrangler, long-range rifle matches, and at one point bull riding consumed much of her time. She showed people that her gender would not restrict her drive to take part in the things that sang to her heart.

For Emily, falling in love with fly fishing was easy to do. Being in the waterways of the Colorado streams & rivers invokes pure joy for her. Hunting a freshwater predator puts Emily in the mountains where she feels at home while getting up-close and personal with nature's aquatic residents. Feeling that the fly-fishing industry has overlooked her desire to fish sparked her drive to do things better. Creating She's Fly® with her fellow lady anglers is a role that she does not take lightly stating, "Social status, gender & race should not limit anyone's resources to pursue happiness."

“Hi! The above is accurate but super serious….which is not me AT ALL. So here are a few things about me to lighten up the mood…….

~I have 3 dogs: 2 heelers & a German Shepherd (all rotten but lovable).

~My favorite place to visit is anywhere that’s new to me.

~I’m a lover of serendipitous adventures & self-inflicted calamities.

~I am the daughter of an amazing woman who is the 4th generation in her family to call Colorado home.

~The moon always captures my attention & not because I still think it’s made of cheese.

~Although my circle is small, those in that circle are considered family.

~In my adult years I switched from horses to motorcycles. Motorcycles are easier to fix & don’t require vet bills!

~Being in the water is my happy place! Pretty sure I was born with scales.

~I work hard but play harder!”


Jaclyn Fitzgerald


Jaclyn Fitzgerald is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fly fishing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, gardening, crafting, and camping - all major reasons for moving to Colorado. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with dual B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Meteorology in 2007 and has lived in Fort Collins since then.


Jaclyn grew up spin fishing with her father and grandfather and transitioned to fly fishing when she moved to Colorado (Colorado's favorite pastime!). Fly fishing gave her a peaceful outdoor respite from anxiety and busy life - soon she was hooked! 

She's Fly has offered a perfect outlet for sharing her love of fishing and nature with others, especially people who might not otherwise feel comfortable trying something new. When it comes to environmental conservation, Jaclyn is a huge fan of being a steward of the earth, and protecting our most valuable resources - our rivers. With her husband, Terrance, she has a son (Jake) and a water-loving dog (Red).

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