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If you fish small streams or tight places, the Suzume Tri-Zoom Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod will quickly become your favorite, go-to fly rod. A sparrow (or Suzume in Japanese) is a small, aggressive, and highly adaptable bird found all over North America and most of the world. That’s the Suzume Tenkara Fly Rod. This ultra-light, telescoping, triple-zoom fly fishing rod can be fished at 3 lengths: 7.7’, 9.3’, and 10.8’, offering extreme versatility to a variety of water. The Suzume Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod has a medium-fast action, 6:4 flex and a slender, double-taper, high quality, 11” cork handle for extreme comfort and a custom fit. The handle not only allows you to find your own “sweet spot” but also ensures the fly rod is balanced in all 3 fishing positions. The Suzume is similar to a regular 3wt fly fishing rod, is extremely accurate, strong, yet very delicate for the most precise and beautiful fly presentations imaginable. Includes spare tip, fly rod sock, and carbon fiber travel case. Pair with the Performance Tip for a faster action (sold separately). This tenkara fly rod is perfect for backpackers, mountain bikers, and those who find themselves in the backcountry or fishing small creeks. Perfect for small ponds with crappie and bluegills and great for kids. Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE): 3wt

Suzume Tri-Zoom Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod with Rod Sock and Carbon Fiber Travel Ca

    • Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE): 3wt
    • Tri-Zoom Tenkara Rod: 7.7′, 9.3′. 10.8′
    • Perfect for small streams, backpackers and tight places
    • Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 20.75”
    • ​Handle Length: 11″
    • Case Length: 23”
    • Rod Weight w/o Cap: 2.3oz
    • Rod Weight w Cap: 2.4oz
    • Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 8.1oz
    • Flex: 6:4
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