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Zen Tenkara is the ONLY company that offers an interchangable tip section for all Zen Tenkara rods that allows anglers to customize the feel and action of their tenkara rods. Change out the Standard Tip for the Performance Tip for a faster action tip. You’ll immediately notice the difference with super quick hook-sets, ease when using heavier set-ups or castng into the wind, and a punch when throwing longer lines. The Performance Tip works great for Czech and Euro Nymphing too. All Zen Tenkara Fly Rods have interchangable tips, so the Performance Tip fits the Zako, Suzume, and Suimenka. Features a color-coded lillian for easy identification.

Tenkara Fly Rod Interchangeable Performance Tip

    • Interchangeable Performance Tip Section
    • Provides a faster action for your tenkara fly rod
    • Great for Czech and Euro Nymphing
    • Provides faster hook-sets
    • Use to throw heavier set-ups or cast into wind
    • Color-coded lilian cord for easy identification
    • Fits: Suzume and Zako Tenkara Rods (quickens)
    • Fits: Suimenka Tenkara Rod (offers a mid-action between the Standard and Nymphing/Heavier Tip Included with rod)
    • An easy and inexpensive way to customize your tenkara rod and get 2 actions from  1 fly rod
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