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Catchflo Shoes

The fishiest footwear on the planet! Express and walk with your fishing passion off the water everyday everywhere with Catchflo. For your next pair of shoes, just SAY NO to generic mass-produced footwear with "no soul" and instead SAY YES to Catchflo's "footwear with soul."

Whether for you or as a unique gift for a passionate angler in your life, Catchflo lets you always keep it fun and passionate with the fishiest footwear on the planet. And as a bonus, you won't believe what a fun fishy conversation starter Catchflo’s are!

As a virtual dealer, our She's Fly customers receive 10% off. Use the link below (or enter code SHESFLY at checkout) to cash in and order directly from Catchflo now! There are many styles and patterns to choose from!

Catchflo C brandmark and wordmark combo 2.png

Original art from Colorado-based artist Travis Krause and 20% of your purchase goes directly to Travis! We love these shoes and love to support Travis. Click on the link above and order your pair now!

We LOVE this brookie print and think it's super fun to sport around town! Click on the link above and order your pair now!

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