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Jump into Fly Fishing with She's Fly!


Why Take Lessons with Us?

We believe fly fishing is a cathartic, adventurous sport that can take you to amazing places where you can connect with nature and hang out where the fish live. We highly suggest taking lessons because we want to enable all people to get out on the water and feel confident doing it.

Our Beginner class is taught on land and is a perfect introduction to fly fishing! We will discuss the parts and purpose of the fly rod, reel, and lines. Once we are familiar with the equipment, we will work on casting (forward cast, roll cast, line mending), and practice the most frequently used knots (double surgeons, modified clinch, loop to loop). These are small classes with no more than four people so that you can benefit from 1:1 instruction and have a more personal experience. We can also design custom classes to fit your needs, comfort level, and personality. This is about you!

What are you waiting for? Book now and let us help you enhance your fly fishing journey.


Want to continue your fly fishing adventure with more? Liarflies has you covered with intermediate and advanced classes!


1- 4 people = $50 per person ($200/4)

Ages 9 and up

Please book no later than 2 weeks in advance so we can reserve a park permit.

Offered most Saturdays March through August.