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Zen Furled and Tapered Tenkara Fly Lines are all built with high-quality raw material from Japan, are handwoven with fine workmanship, have tippet rings, and are very strong. This line is a favorite for anglers who are looking for a traditional tenkara line. It turns over well, is easy to cast, doesn’t get lost in the wind, and still provides a delicate presentation when fishing traditional tenkara. The Zen Furled and Tapered Tenkara Fly Line is made from high quality Uni-thread so you see and feel the difference. This line gives solid feedback when casting so you feel the rod load and can learn timing. It is an excellent choice for those new to tenkara fly fishing, fishing in general, or for those who simply prefer a more traditional experience. Available in 7’ft and 11ft Low-Vis Olive Color options. 

Furled and Tapered Tenkara Fly Line, Low-Vis

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