Farewell to My Sweet Water Dog

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

On January 4, 2021 I said goodbye to my sweet baby sweetness, Georgia. She was my best friend and adventure companion for nearly 15 years, but I knew it was time for her cross that rainbow bridge and it was my job to help her. I've been trying to find words to pay her a small tribute and this is the best I could do... knowing that nothing I ever say out loud or write on paper will do her life justice. Regardless, this is for you, Georgie-babe.

My late husband, Tony, brought home this adorable beast while I was attending a Cars and Blondie concert at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre on May 30, 2006. He texted me about this cutie and I couldn't wait to get home... but of course I needed to finish watching this concert which was totally awesome. Seriously, they put on one hell of a show.

That time she made me bleed

I walked in the door and couldn't see this puppy anywhere, I just saw my husband sitting on the couch looking down at the floor with a dopey grin on his face. "Well, where is she??", I said. He didn't say a word but she heard me and charged at me from under the coffee table. I crouched down just in time to catch her as she showered me with kisses and puppy breath. I rolled onto my back with her on my chest as she hooked my nose with her sharp teeth and drew blood. I couldn't stop giggling through the stinging tears... I just knew this dog was going to be a crazy journey.

The water dog emerges

She took to the water that summer and she was amazing out there! Till this day, she is still the fastest and most fearless water dog I've ever seen. I thought she should have a cover shot on some outdoor magazine. Unfortunately her river shenanigans did not a good fishing companion make... she scared them all away. Anytime we went to the river, it was Georgia time.

Sweet Poop

I called her "Sweet Poop" for most of her life because of an accident she had as a young pup. We crate-trained her while away from the house and when I came home for lunch one day, she had a major poop blow-out in the cage... she was covered and so was the cage. I gave her a bath and realized that she might have residual issues that night while we would be attending a wedding. Tony kept saying it was a bad idea but I couldn't imagine putting her back in a cage.... so I put her in the tiled bathroom and puppy-proofed it best I could before we left. This was an unimaginable miserable failure on my part. We came home to the most glorious poop-smeared, torn-up bathroom I've ever laid eyes on. She shredded the wicker laundry basket in the closet, tore up every roll of toilet paper, AND all the shampoo bottles were punctured and dripping all over the floor, the shower, the walls. Poop paw-prints were on every surface. The fruitiness of the soap mixed with the stench of poop overwhelmed us into delirious fits of laughter. Sweet Poop.


Georgia and Tony were best friends, it was obvious she preferred him to me. And that was okay because she brought us both so much joy that there was no animosity - just love. But then Tony died in 2009. During the nights I couldn't sleep that first year after he was gone, she would crawl under the covers and hold me as I shivered and cried. She knew her favorite human wasn't coming home and she intended to make sure