Goodbye to my Heart Dog, Cairo

Updated: May 7

Cairo was my favorite dog and I didn't even know it until the last few years of his life. I was always so caught up with Georgia because she demanded all of my attention, but Cairo was the good son. He was loyal, loving, and completely devoted to me. I was his person. When Georgia lost mobility and couldn't travel with us anymore, Cairo and I became much closer. He was my little dude and was with me through everything.

Tony and I decided to get Cairo because Tony always wanted a border collie and we noticed Georgia was lonely when we were at work. So I went to pick a border collie puppy out of a litter on a farm about two hours from my house in 2007. He was the only puppy who tried to wander off from the litter and I knew he was the one I wanted. He was a very pensive puppy and learned all the commands early, mostly because Georgia helped train him. He was a year younger than her.

We went on many adventures and he was always the quiet, behaved dog. He never acted like a dickhead (Georgia did). He would seek me out for reassurance if kids or other dogs were around him. He needed to know it was okay for them to approach him because he wasn't quite sure. He thought toddlers and most other dogs were idiots.