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Gearing up for Spring Fishing!

Updated: May 19, 2021

If you aren't a winter-weather fisher, then March is the time to start getting ready for spring fishing and some warmer weather goodness. If you live in the state of Colorado, temperatures slowly start to increase this month and we've been known to have days in the mid-seventies. It's also the time your fishing license expires ( so it's good to do a once over on your fishing gear and get ready for the season. Here's my process:

  1. Get out my waist pack that has all my fishing stuff. It's really a glorified fanny pack. I don't wear vests as much as I used to and really hate sling bags that weigh down my shoulders and rub against my boobs. I chose a waist pack a few years ago and it holds everything I need, gets out of my way while I'm wading, and never pulls down on my shoulders. It also has two beer holders. I go through my pack to check my inventory to see supplies I need to replenish. I check to see that I have enough tippet and another leader or two ( I check my floatant ( I have two fly boxes ( and I look at what flies I might need ( I make sure all my little tools work - nippers, forceps, threader ( I check to see that I have bug spray and sunscreen. I check for indicators and split-shot.

  2. Pinch down the barbs on my hooks - if you're into that kind of thing. This makes it easier on the fish so that the hooks are easier to remove if you plan to catch and release.

  3. Get out my rods. I have two main rods that I use throughout the year. I check that the reel is running smoothly. I check all of the line. I put my rod together and make sure there aren't any issues - no splintering, cracks, bends that shouldn't be there.

  4. Check my waders ( I do a once over to make sure there are no visible holes. If there are, I patch them ( and then I clean them up.

  5. Check my net. I make sure my net still works - no rips or tears in the silicone.

  6. Check my boots ( I do a once over on them, make sure they still fit and walk comfortably.

Then I start planning my next outing on the water.

Cheers to spring fishing!!

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