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Welcome to She's Fly!

Updated: Jan 1

Hello New Friend!

Welcome to She’s Fly™ , a fly shop for all people with a particular focus on products by and for women. We have collectively practiced fly fishing for more than 20 years and know the struggles that women face when getting into this sport. From navigating fly shops and feeling embarrassed that you don't know what you need or feeling isolated because you do know what you need but aren't taken seriously, we've been there. We've bought the ill-fitting waders and boots because there were no other options. We've been asked "are you buying something for your husband?" or "the girls' pink rods are over there." We've shied away from guided trips for fear that we might be the only women there. Yes, we know. She's Fly™ wants to offer a different experience and we'd like you to join us on this journey as we continually adjust our business model based on feedback from YOU. You are the reason we're doing this. Tell us how we can help. We are here to help you conquer whatever is holding you back from getting out on the water and hanging out where the fish live. Join us and be your own guide, we'll help you get there.

There's one thing we need from you - Subscribe! That way we can keep you informed about the evolution of our virtual shop as we add new products, blogs, videos, lessons, trips, trunk shows, and events.

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